Kara Nolte



Solo Dance Work Choreographed and Performed by Kara Nolte

Running time: 30 minutes

"Never before have we gotten goosebumps from a Backstreet Boys song as we did in this show."
"Nolte is a highly skilled contemporary and modern dancer. Her choreography translates words into emotions and movement with wicked perfection."
"Raw details...take aux.la.more to an elevated level of connection. Nolte has a knack for beauty and poetry. She creates romance, nostalgia and melancholy with the unleashing of a smile, the drop of a wrist, the droop of her head and renditions of cheesy karaoke songs."
"Nolte...filled the whole room with a cloud of love."
“aux.la.more is short and sweet and THE feel good show of this Fringe."
-Prachi Kamble // The Vancouver Arts Review, Vancouver BC// 2016

Researched at: One Yellow Rabbit Summer Lab Calgary AB June-July 2014, and 12 Minutes Max at the Dance Centre Vancouver BC October 2014

Performed at: TBA Choreographic Showcase Vancouver BC April 2015, Sweett Moves Vancouver BC August 2015, Collide by Project Oswald Calgary AB April 2016, DanceFest by NextFest Edmonton AB June 2016, Common Ground Festival Calgary AB July 2016, Vancouver Fringe Festival (first entitled aux.la.more) Vancouver BC September 2016

Weaving poetry, original text and movement together in a seamless way, while using karaoke and slow dancing to create an intimate experience for the audience, aux.la.more focuses on themes of connection and bringing people closer together.

Banner Photo Credit: Chris Randle, The Dance Centre Vancouver

Gallery Photo Credit: Erik Zennstrom, The Vancouver Fringe Festival




Women in White

A group work for three women choreographed by Kara Nolte

Running Time: 10 minutes

Interpreted by: Quinn Kliewer, Janelle Schiffner, Hannah Toews (2016) and Jessica Ames, Marcelle Carvalho, Julia Siedlanowska (2015)

Researched at: Mascall Dance's Bloom Choreographic Series (entitled o.la.more 3) Vancouver BC May-June 2015

Premiered at: Ignite Emerging Artist Festival Dance Series (entitled Women in White) Calgary AB June 2016

Upcoming development at: Theatre Junction's TJ Lab Artist Residency in January 2017

Women in White explores a world of play, compliant routine and mischievous rebellion through text, song and movement. Three performers teeter between one another creating a disjointed rhythm of voice and body. Chairs and sisterhood to Mass in B Minor.